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A new type of media agency utilizing blockchain smart contract technology to provide 100% transparency. It is the first agency of its kind to use blockchain in this way.

TRUTH is a truly transparent service that will provide a single view across the value chain and a single clear fee for advertisers.

TRUTH believes that ad spend is being wasted and we want to fix this.

We know the whole industry Programmatic Landscape suffers from the lack of transparency and bad practices, - such as

  • opaque and restrictive trading agreements
  • layering of intermediary fees
  • inappropriate placement of ads

It is time for fundamental change in how we plan, buy and deliver media for all clients. Truth is committed to creating a better method of planning, buying media, investing the budgets appropriately and building a successful business.

We are committed to delivering a fairer commercial balance between advertisers, media owners and consumers.

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, then please contact us at or