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“Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time”

Jules Renard


we think about, plan, create, do or execute has the single minded focus of driving a sales conversion, activation or action leading to the desired result.

Be That:

  • Driving foot traffic to a store
  • Channelling people to an event
  • Leading the charge, to a website or landing page
  • Making an 0800 number, or other point of contact, ring and sing
  • Convincing people to cast their vote in the right direction

We think laterally, creatively, sensibly and totally around what can be achieved within the budget, on time and within the means we have to create conversion.

Whether the project is substantial or on the small side, complex or straightforward,  our approach and passion is the same.




We find that an approach combining the strengths of science with the flair of art is what produces special and memorable results.

We are thorough; we never take short cuts; we think about and ‘listen’ to what various quantitative measures tell us as a starting point; and we then apply our knowledge, experiences and ‘feel’ as to what ‘mix’ of media will work hardest and most cost-effectively.

We don’t believe in watering down campaigns with a whole host of solutions. Instead the two, or three, best options and approaches are what would likely catch our eye….and others’ attention. We’re up to any challenge and here are a few we have faced… and delivered.


that Sell.


The Challenge: To pre-sell a new concept in retail shop space off the plans with an anticipated market ‘mix’ of Asian, Indian and European.

The Solution: Rainmakers came up with an initial plan targeting all ethnic groups to ensure no particular group fell through the net.

The initial ‘burst’ involved mainstream media and ethnic media (including ethnic radio and ethnic TV.

As soon as the on-the-ground sales people started getting more definitive feedback and information on potential buyers, we re-planned the media, on a weekly basis, to allocate the greatest resource in areas where most of the responses were coming from.

We used a mix of print, online, radio and TV, refreshing the offer as required (often every 3 days), to keep the momentum going and instil a sense of urgency.

The Outcome: You guessed it. All the shops were sold off the plans before construction even began.

Project Two: TIGHT FIT

The Challenge: Create a media campaign for a “Not for Profit” organisation to get high school pupils to enter their garments in an inaugural creative fashion event. The budget was extremely tight so the solution had to be likewise.

The Solution: Rainmakers used some of its influence to ‘sweet talk’ our radio representatives who came to the party. We ran a highly targeted campaign on radio that involved integration across all platforms: on air, on line and text. Underpinning this was a Facebook display campaign.

The Outcome: Over 50 entries were received for the event which given it was a first time outing was deemed a great result.


The Challenge: To successfully convert Telecom users on the old CDMA network to Telecom’s alternative platform over a very narrow window of opportunity.

The Solution: A short, sharp radio campaign using alternative channels outside of the traditional target audience for this product was combined with a national press campaign using the most cost efficient packaged rates to extend the budget.

The Outcome: The window of opportunity opened wide. First the campaign built awareness of a new Telco product to a new previously untargeted audience. Second the campaign converted this audience to this alternative platform. Third the undertaking demonstrated an investment in sell through to the retailers.